working wordsmith + happy husband + doting dad + amateur author + fledgling farceur + pretend prestidigitator + jolly hockeyologist
working wordsmith + happy husband + doting dad + amateur author + fledgling farceur + pretend prestidigitator + jolly hockeyologist

Uncle Prawn

I had hoped to publish my fourth book in 2016. Indeed, as the year progressed, I wrote a substantial amount of the first draft. But as I neared the final quarter, as other ideas came to me and the plot took shape, I realised a complete re-write would be required. So I am hoping to release this in 2017. But I have high hopes - rather unexpectedly, as it happens - that this could turn out to be my favourite of my own works yet.

Uncle Prawn is a loose sequel to The Big One. There is a scene in The Big One where Tom and co try to recruit Des to be the fourth member of the group for their adventure, but Des declines because he has to look after his elderly uncle. Uncle Prawn is the comical tale of the many trials and tribulations Des faces in caring for the old man.

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